Who are we?

The volunteers helping to organise the march across cities around Australia

Adam Ford Adam Ford (Volunteer, Melbourne)
Adam is working at Hanson Robotics/OpenCog, and part time at Bayesian Intelligence. He organises conferences & convenes meetings on science, technology and the future in Melbourne and sometimes abroad. He is passionate about artificial intelligence, and the long term future of sentience in the universe.

Andrea Finno Andrea Finno (Volunteer, Sydney)
Andrea is a software developer, problem solver and lifelong science enthusiast. Andrea would like to see a world where humans more critically consider their actions towards the Earth, its animals and themselves.

Andrea Leong Andrea Leong (Volunteer, Sydney)
Andrea is a microbiologist working in microbiome research, examining how gut bacteria can affect general health. She believes supporting universal scientific literacy and critical thinking through a strong public education system is vital.

Aqeel Akber Aqeel Akber (Promotion Officer, Canberra)
Aqeel is an experimental physicist at the Australian National University, and loves the scientific method. As a grateful 2nd generation immigrant, Aqeel got involved in Science March Australia to call for an ethical and scientific approach to all issues in our country. "Scientific debate requires empathy, respect, and a readiness to adjust your position -- this doesn’t mean it can’t get heated!"

Ben Southam Ben Southam (Volunteer, Launceston)
Ben Southam is a specialist in histology, immunohistochemistry and confocal immunofluorescence who partners with PHD candidates and researchers at the University of Tasmania. After spending over a decade working as a chef both in Launceston and Melbourne, Ben made the decision to change careers and began a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Tasmania where his interest in histology and its research applications have developed. Through an undergraduate research scholarship Ben was able to develop skills in immunohistochemistry which has enabled him to take on a technical role in the discipline while completing his studies. Ben holds a Diploma of Hospitality Management and Business management and is currently completing his final year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Tasmania.

Cassandre Tickner-Smith Cassandre Tickner-Smith (Organiser - 2IC, Launceston)
Cassie Tickner-Smith is an enthusiastic environmental-agricultural scientist. Working with farmers across Victoria and Tasmania over the last ten years, Cassie is dedicated to practical natural resource management and improved science communication. Outside of work Cassie is passionate about increasing the appreciation of science, organising events, and lots of swing dancing.

Chaminda Ranasinghe Chaminda Ranasinghe (Lead Organiser, Perth)
Chaminda is PhD candidate in Alzheimer’s research and proteomics. He is passionate about science communication in the fields of medicine and environmental biotechnology. He has a background in microbiology, plant pathology and genetics. Chaminda is originally from Sri Lanka and has worked and studied in India, Sri Lanka and Australia with 20 years of academic and 13 years of research experience. He believes march for science is an excellent approach to unite and advocate for all fields of science for a better future.

Danielle Asson Danielle Asson (Lead Organiser, Townsville)
Danielle is a PhD student at James Cook University, who hails from Oregon, USA. She is participating in the March for Science because she wants to ensure that science and scientific awareness remain important aspects of society in the future.

Elizabeth Hallam Elizabeth Hallam (Lead Organiser, Canberra)
Elizabeth is a human being who values evidence-based decision making where possible. She worked in the ICT sector before stopping to raise a family and complete her university studies. After completing a BSc, she rejoined the paid workforce and is currently working as a planning officer with ACT Health. She seeks to provide service to the community through her activities within the Public Service and in her personal time.

Emma Booth Emma Booth (Advertising and Promotional Lead, Canberra)
Emma is a pharmacist who has worked mainly in hospitals. Emma promotes the use of Evidence Based Medicine to help provide quality health care and has a strong belief in non-biased scientific evidence. Emma values diversity, likes to help others and cares about the environment.

Gavrielle Untracht Gavrielle Untracht (Volunteer, Perth)
Gavrielle is a PhD student at the University of Western Australia in the optical and biomedical imaging laboratory. She is excited to be contributing to the March for Science to affirm her dedication for using science and engineering to improve the world.

Haryana Dhillon Haryana Dhillon (Volunteer, Sydney)
Haryana Dhillon is a senior research fellow working in psycho-oncology and cancer survivorship. Evidence-based policy and a scientifically literate society are important to her, promoting awareness and discussion of these topics motivated her to get involved with March for Science.

Ink-Kawinwit Kittipalawattanapol Ink-Kawinwit Kittipalawattanapol (Volunteer, Hobart)
Ink is a co-convenor/volunteer of AYCC (Australian Youth Climate Coalition) Hobart crew. He is also a second year zoology student at the University Of Tasmania. He has always been passionate about the environment and would love to do anything for our decision makers to consider science-based facts in their policies making plans for a greener and sustainable world.

Jessica Booth (Volunteer, Canberra)

Jess is a year 10 student who believes that science and making people aware of it is the key to the future and making everyone's lives better. She aims to continue studying the sciences through college and university.

Jin-oh Choi Jin-oh Choi (Lead Event Organiser, Hobart & Launceston)
Jin-oh is President of the Launceston Skeptics Inc. and a science advocate who seeks to promote critical thinking and an understanding of the scientific method.

Jocelyn Prasad Jocelyn Prasad (Volunteer, Sydney)
Jocelyn is a PR professional who has worked for politicians, corporations and universities, and takes great satisfaction from communicating science and ideas. Jocelyn believes science offers the best hope for her and her family’s future.

Justin Murray Justin Murray (Volunteer, Canberra)
Justin has a background in social science, sociology, in particular. Part of his training was to understand the way people understand and make sense of the world. A side effect was an understanding that science is our most reliable way of knowing the world and how it works. For this reason he wants to promote it.

Leen Labeeuw Leen Labeeuw (Volunteer, Sydney)
Leen is a biologist/engineer designing algal photobioreactors for large scale use. She believes that understanding science is an essential aspect that should inform our decisions, both personally and politically.

Liz Norsa Liz Norsa (Lead Organiser, Sydney)
Liz works in social research and policy evaluation, aimed to make society inclusive, safe and healthy for Australia’s different communities. Liz volunteers for March for Science to promote scientific literacy and the value of informed policy.

Luke James Luke James (Volunteer, Melbourne)
Luke has a background in science and politics. He has a Bachelor of Science and is passionate about seeing science become a greater focus of our political system.

Matt Nurse Matt Nurse (Volunteer, Melbourne)
Matt is a communications director and science fan. Matt has a masters degree in communications and is passionate about science communication, and turning facts and evidence into public policy.

Patrick Lennard Patrick Lennard (Organiser - 2IC, Hobart)
Patrick is a medical researcher, developing and investigating new therapeutics for a vaccine against the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease. He is also the facilitator of the Hobart GetUp! action group, and works with the scientific outreach program, Science In The Pub.

Richard Buckdale Richard Buckdale (Volunteer, Sydney)
Richard is the Friends of CSIRO Sydney Research Officer, a University of Sydney graduate with first class honours in Pure Mathematics, and a retired computer science software engineer. He believes investment in science and scientists is critical for developing a just and rational world and an Australia that can stand on its own feet.

Sean Geoghegan Sean Geoghegan (National Committee Rep, Canberra)
Sean is a medical physicist who works in Canberra and manages a team providing medical physics and radiation engineering services. He is interested in life and helping others, particularly those who access our healthcare system. Sean is a strong advocate for safety, quality and efficiency so that as many people can access appropriate technology to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. He joined March for Science to support good science communication, its understanding, its adoption as evidence for policy and its sustainable funding. He lives the experience of science really helping others.

Stuart Khan Stuart Khan (Volunteer, Sydney)
Stuart is an Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales. He has a passion for clean water, including water to drink, water to swim in and water for the environment.

Tammie Smith Tammie Smith (Volunteer, Sydney)
Tammie is a proud Dunghutti and Bundjalung woman from Kempsey and graduated from UNSW in Criminology and Indigenous studies. Currently works at the University of Sydney as a graduate data analyst officer. She is involved with March for Science Australia to promote the importance of Indigenous knowledge through natural ecological sustainability of the environment and its biodiversity by adopting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander methodologies of ecological preservation and promote Indigenous career opportunities within the disciplines of sciences.

Taylor Szyszka Taylor Szyszka (Volunteer, Sydney)
Taylor is a PhD student in Biochemistry at the University of Sydney, though originally from Chicago, Illinois. Taylor has been a lifelong lover and communicator of science and believes that enhancing scientific literacy is one of the most powerful ways in which societies can progress. She is thrilled to be organizing the march again this year!

Tricia Copas Tricia Copas (Diversity Officer, Canberra)
Tricia is a Science Support Assistant in the ACT Public School System. She has worked at CSIRO and ANU. She graduated in 2016 from ANU with a BSc Hons in Genetics. Previously she achieved a BSs from the University of Maryland USA, majoring in Biology and in Environmental Management. She balances supporting the advancement of scientific and mathematical education with caring for two children, and participating in a variety of volunteer organizations. Tricia has a diverse cultural heritage including indigenous North American and having immigrated and gained Australian Citizenship. Her passion is in assuring inclusion for all persons to have equal access to quality science and maths education.

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