Who are we?

The volunteers helping to organise the march across Australia

Vivien Csallo Vivien Csallo (Brisbane)
Vivien currently works within a team of dedicated clinicians endeavouring to promote quality, equitable and consistent cancer care services across Queensland. Previous stints in communications and events within the Agricultural and Animal Science areas cemented a great love of science and science communication.

Katie Chartrand Katie Chartrand (Cairns)
Katie Chartrand is a tropical marine scientist at James Cook University working on the drivers of marine plants in coastal habitats at risk from development along the Great Barrier Reef. She believes in strengthening the scientific community’s ties to the broader public through science communication and working in her field with regulators and industry to develop evidence-based policy.

Erin Vaughn Erin Vaughn (Canberra)
Erin is a molecular geneticist, passionate science educator and science advocate. As a recent immigrant to Australia and mother of two, she became involved in March for Science Australia to take part in standing up for the future of science in her adopted home.

Jessie Andrikis Jessie Andrikis (Canberra)
Jessie is a Science graduate who is passionate about the importance of Science within the community. She became involved in the March for Science due to concern, as a future doctor, over the current societal opinions of science to show the public how imperative it is to the world.

Janet Salisbury Janet Salisbury (Canberra)
Janet has a background in cancer research but some 20 years ago she changed career direction to science writing and editing and founded a science communications and publishing business that grew from 1 to 17 staff. She has recently handed over the business reins to pursue other interests.

Alena Kimbrough Alena Kimbrough (Canberra)
Alena is a climate scientist who studies ancient monsoon behaviour using stalagmites from tropical caves. She is an active member in the March for Science because science is everywhere, affects everyone, and we must all get involved.

Abigael Proctor Abigael Proctor (Hobart)
Abigael is a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies. She believes that by promoting science literacy and increasing opportunities for scientists to communicate their work it’ll empower the public to demand more evidence-based policy and see the value in science funding.

Jin-oh Choi Jin-oh Choi (Launceston)
Jin-oh is President of the Launceston Skeptics Inc. and a science advocate who seeks to promote critical thinking and an understanding of the scientific method.

Luke James Luke James (Melbourne)
Luke has a background in science and politics. He has a Bachelor of Science and is passionate about seeing science become a greater focus of our political system.

Kate Ferris Kate Ferris (Melbourne)
Kate is a Human Ethics Officer and a member of the SAGE Athena Swan project at La Trobe University for the College of Science Technology and Engineering. With degrees in Psychology (Hons) from Deakin University and MA (Global) Public Health from the University of Melbourne, she is a mad passionate science supporter.

Matt Nurse Matt Nurse (Melbourne)
Matt is a communications director and science fan. Matt has a masters degree in communications and is passionate about science communication, and turning facts and evidence into public policy.

Adam Ford Adam Ford (Melbourne)
Adam is working at Hanson Robotics/OpenCog, and part time at Bayesian Intelligence. He organises conferences & convenes meetings on science, technology and the future in Melbourne and sometimes abroad. He is passionate about artificial intelligence, and the long term future of sentience in the universe.

Gavrielle Untracht Gavrielle Untracht (Perth)
Gavrielle is a PhD student at the University of Western Australia in the optical and biomedical imaging laboratory. She is excited to be contributing to the March for Science to affirm her dedication for using science and engineering to improve the world.

Stuart Khan Stuart Khan (Sydney)
Stuart is an Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales. He has a passion for clean water, including water to drink, water to swim in and water for the environment.

Andrea Leong Andrea Leong (Sydney)
Andrea is a microbiologist working in microbiome research, examining how gut bacteria can affect general health. She believes supporting universal scientific literacy and critical thinking through a strong public education system is vital.

Jocelyn Prasad Jocelyn Prasad (Sydney)
Jocelyn is a PR professional who has worked for politicians, corporations and universities, and takes great satisfaction from communicating science and ideas. Jocelyn believes science offers the best hope for her and her family’s future.

Andrea Finno Andrea Finno (Sydney)
Andrea is a software developer, problem solver and lifelong science enthusiast. Andrea would like to see a world where humans more critically consider their actions towards the Earth, its animals and themselves.

Alex Payne Alex Payne (Sydney)
Alex is an undergraduate student studying biology and chemistry on exchange at UNSW. He is excited to work with the march to improve two-way science communication between the scientific community and the public, and to argue for evidence-based thinking as critical skill in education and for public policy.

Leen Labeeuw Leen Labeeuw (Sydney)
Leen is a biologist/engineer designing algal photobioreactors for large scale use. She believes that understanding science is an essential aspect that should inform our decisions, both personally and politically.

Richard Buckdale Richard Buckdale (Sydney)
Richard is the Friends of CSIRO Sydney Research Officer, a University of Sydney graduate with first class honours in Pure Mathematics, and a retired computer science software engineer. He believes investment in science and scientists is critical for developing a just and rational world and an Australia that can stand on its own feet.

Tammie Smith Tammie Smith (Sydney)
Tammie is a proud Dunghutti and Bundjalung woman from Kempsey and graduated from UNSW in Criminology and Indigenous studies. Currently works at the University of Sydney as a graduate data analyst officer. She is involved with March for Science Australia to promote the importance of Indigenous knowledge through natural ecological sustainability of the environment and its biodiversity by adopting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander methodologies of ecological preservation and promote Indigenous career opportunities within the disciplines of sciences.

Danielle Asson Danielle Asson (Townsville)
Danielle is a PhD student at James Cook University, who hails from Oregon, USA. She is participating in the March for Science because she wants to ensure that science and scientific awareness remain important aspects of society in the future.

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